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My press agency — LiveJournal
My personal blog. I write about all.
shit to snow!!!
which for a return trip home; be in the middle in Frankish Switzerland in a snowstorm firmly. in addition I have today the blondest (!!) the monthly achieved: I drove into the wrong direction toward a motorway (taaaadaaa!!!)
discovery of the daily: with down load left and ...... that I wanted more klopapier to know homepage always times.
at least I nevertheless still welfare arrived at home and on Monday gibts the new alanis album and I have an ear worm of “surrendering”.
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it snows in Bayreuth, and how. at least already three cm!!! nevertheless still there beautifully, the winter is! only the ducks slip on the ice.
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Madly, a whole attempt today in vain, because we versaut it. and the good: it is totally no matter, because practical part the nothing counts! in addition the operation is here perfect and we has enough time around muck to make. as also otherwise sayings could develop, as from Edith: “I cry, if you come….” thereby went it only around the fact that topagar not firmly will and it had to go fast, but naja, it lives freud. has my mibiklausur back and it is (taadaa) 1.0. like that should it always be….
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so now nearly everything must probably have received it that my hair color changed somewhat. slowly even I accept my new mirror image, although the scooterbemerkungen totally aufn bag go to me!!!!
Marlene fands cool and except oskar and hanna also held back themselves the others. Thanks for it!
otherwise am not I contently like for a long time no more. the mibi examination was ne 1.0, the genetics practical course is also completely nice and on weekend is I again at home. the weekend was genuinly well and again thanks, EH, for the party.
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in the new list of lectures an advertisement of the local is nevertheless actual piercingstudio! and who knows the advertisement of those, white which is to be seen in the picture. my conception of the world is shaken! and in stoiberland!
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hectar, laughs me straight over means last entry dead, was a good deal alkene probably nevertheless. bad was only, as a certain marlene next tomorrow (10 o'clock!!) called, in order to know something unimportant. *grrr*
Today was times again which mad the matter, those emergency brake at the car was festgerostet, jaaaa, that is completely madly. after the General German Automobile Association was then there, I drove from grind to mediamarkt and times again much too much money had spent. Kylie by the way geplündert their atari and that not badly. did the CD buy me, because I have for the moment no desire on grind music, because grind *zwinker* we have ourselves nevertheless already enough, or?
now I make happy on my xyleme and phloeme and hope myself that this botanikhorror soon past is.
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insanity, I is totally away, then I did not away-shoot myself since my 21 birthday no more. which for one evening, who would have thought that I on fete, on which I was only coincidental actually, so many new people become acquainted with. but I am blue, because I drank too much red wine, vodkabowle and vodka ahoibrause. but I became acquainted with nice firstterm inside. under alkene influence goes sowas genuinly more easily. so off in the bed. ahhh, everything turns!!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, woman nearly night in the exile (thanks)! thus mibiklausur I brought now also behind me, but it becomes again a arduous weekend, because waits botanik for me (choke). and in one week gehts home, only for three however nevertheless meet.
times see, equal what in the speaking center to my French examination will say.
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if one may change retrospectively entries in its diary, one may eliminate its thoughts (small chemist joke). I think already, finally was I rather in disorder as I that wrote and also rather unfairly. sometimes a discussion causes one nevertheless mixes and all the same which happens, it gives people, those is so important to one that one may not lose it.
sowas one should make oneself again and again clear.
assistance, I sounds now already nearly like such a more billger fernsehphsychologe.

The condemned examination is, I not yet there could cry!!
Thus I let yourself now then nevertheless times rather the head in disks cut.
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why? what is that everything here? can one explain that to me perhaps times? I do not understand the world any longer, why it must change just now around me so perfectly. sarah is also strongly surprised, with good reason!
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